Monday, October 30, 2006

China erects North Korea border fence

China increased security along its border with North Korea by building fences in and near Dandong, Liaoning Province, its largest city on the border. Locals said the fences seem to be to prevent North Koreans from illegally crossing the border into China.

A border guard official in Dandong told Asiaweek, a Hong Kong news magazine, that it was possible at least 500,000 North Korea refugees could flow into Liaoning and Jilin provinces, which border North Korea. The official predicted this could happen if food and daily necessities from China to North Korea are stopped due to closure of the border or other incidents.

According to other sources, about 10,000 residents in Dandong are employed in the trading of goods between China and North Korea. A growing number of government officials also engage in trade with North Korea because its economy has been increasingly reliant on China in recent years.

[Excerpt of an article by Masahiko Takekoshi, Yomiuri Shimbun]

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