Sunday, October 01, 2006

More on Rick Warren going to North Korea

Interesting insights into Pastor Rick Warren, who expects to be preaching in North Korea next year:

Interviewer: You've been criticized for your plan to preach in North Korea next year. The concern is that the Koreans will use you for their own purposes. How do you respond?

I'm not a politician. I'm a pastor. I don't make decisions based on politics.

If I'm not limited [by the North Koreans] in what I can say, I'll preach the good news of the Gospel. Next year is the 100th anniversary of the Pyongyang revival, and for some reason the leader [Kim Jong Il] decided to allow the first public preaching of the Gospel in 60 years. So when they invited me, I said, "Sure!"

Here are people who have been told for 60 years that there is no God, there is no purpose for your life.

Hey, I'm happy to go in there. There's risk, but I'm willing to take it.

Interviewer: But not everyone in the evangelical world seems happy about your choices, particularly your involvement in combating AIDS.

I'm kind of in a no-man's land, where I take heat from every side.

If I go to the International AIDS Conference, there are those there who want to validate their lifestyle, and I'm not going to do that. And there are others who want me to condemn everyone and not show up.

So, yes, you get misunderstood sometimes. That's just par for the course.

[Excerpt from Dallas Morning News interview]

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