Thursday, October 19, 2006

North Korean children abducted for meat

A 54-year-old North Korean refugee named Lee escaped from his country with his granddaughter. He said:

"The day I discovered that my grandsons, ages 11 and 8, were missing, ... I asked friends of my grandson where he was. They said that my grandsons [were last seen] near the black market."

The next day, Mr Lee visited the black market. There he met other parents [also searching for missing children].

They told Mr Lee that their sons disappeared at a noodle restaurant near the black market. Mr Lee reported the problem to the police department.

The police raided the noodle restaurant and found human hands and feet in a pot of kimchi (Korean pickles). Police also found human bones in a garbage pit in the backyard.

The female owner of the noodle restaurant confessed that she had served free noodles to the children and had invited them to stand by a stove to get warm. When they fell asleep, she killed them with an axe.

The murderers were publicly executed by gunfire.

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