Tuesday, October 24, 2006

North Korean labor camps: Newborn baby killings

On May 30, 2000, a North Korean refugee, Mr. Lee, was arrested by the Chinese law enforcement authorities while looking for a ship to South Korea. [Those who escape from North Korea and apprehended in China] are sent to concentration camps for seven years for compulsory labor.

In these labor camps, pregnant women are also not allowed to bear their children. Mr. Lee said: "In the camp, there were 94 women, 24 of them pregnant. When I was sent there, eight pregnant women received an injection. They groaned and started going into labor."

Mr. Lee remembers what happened there vividly. The name of the doctor was Lee Min Chol. The doctor asked Mr. Lee to assist with the childbirths.

Mr. Lee recalls: "I was told to place the newborn babies into a table-sized white wooden box. I saw two dead babies in the box. He also told me to throw the umbilical cords into a garbage can. Two newborn babies were still alive. The doctor told me to separate them from their mothers. When I placed them into the wooden box, they were crying and moving their hands and feet. Then, an old doctor came in and hit them in the head with a scissor. The babies died immediately."

Mr. Lee fainted. He was injected with a restorative and ordered to continue work. The remaining six babies were killed. At 8:00pm, the work was over and a security guard removed the wooden box, which contained 10 dead babies.

Mr. Lee adds: "After the forced births, the women were moved to work on cutting grass without even being treated for bleeding."

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