Monday, October 02, 2006

An increase of wandering vagabonds in North Korea

[Beginning September 6th, I] traveled throughout the Sino-North Korean border area and met several North Korean residents who came to China.

In interviewing them, I [became aware of the] North Korean people’s complete loss of confidence on Kim Jong Il, especially since the missile launch incident, recent floods, and weakened Sino-North Korean relationship.

Most North Korean residents are despairing from a decade long famine and hopeless lives. … Interviewees agreed that North Korean society was doomed to collapse because of widespread corruption and starvation.

According to them, after the huge floods in July and August, the number of vagabond childrens increased. And adult wanderers volunteer to collect foodstuff on the street since it is even harder to work and earn money.

[Excerpt of an article by Choi Jeon Ho, Defector from North Pyongan province, writing in Daily NK]

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