Friday, October 29, 2010

North and South Korea troops exchange gunfire across demilitarized zone

North Korean and South Korean military units exchanged gunfire near their border Friday, South Korean authorities said. No casualties were reported.

The exchange happened after North Korean forces fired two rounds from a 14.5 millimeter machine gun at a South Korean military guard post near the border town of Chorwon, South Korea, about 73 miles (118 km) northeast of Seoul, according to an official at the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The South Korean unit responded with three "warning shots" from a .50-caliber machine gun and warned the North Korean guard post by loudspeaker to desist, the official said.

While there are occasional shooting incidents across the demilitarized zones, Friday's incident occurs two weeks before the G-20 summit in Seoul.

The demilitarized zone at the location of the shooting is less than 1 mile wide (1.3 kilometers).

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