Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kim Jong Il’s promoted view of life

Lest we forget, quoting KCNA, the North Korean Central news agency, Kim Jong Il’s promoted view of life:

“The Korean people live and strive in a revolutionary manner: ‘Let us live not for today but for tomorrow!’ “General Secretary Kim Jong Il implanted this revolutionary view of life in the hearts of the Korean people during the ‘Arduous March.’ The aphorism means that a man should live with a determination to dedicate his all to the future of the motherland and the happiness of the posterity though he does not enjoy the pleasure in his generation.

“Laudable successes give the Korean people confidence and optimism that the long arduous march will certainly entail prosperity and happiness and arouse them more powerfully to the cause of building a great, prosperous and powerful nation. The lofty outlook on life is well illustrated by the fact that the whole country is replete with the habit of optimistic and emotional life.

“Under the slogan ‘Push ahead through the thorny path in high spirits’, [North Koreans] lead a confidence-and-optimism-filled life while conducting mass cultural work and mass physical culture and sports activities. The revolutionary view of life is an ideological and spiritual source that makes it possible to bring the construction of a great, prosperous and powerful socialist country to victory.”


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