Sunday, October 05, 2008

South Korean television reaching into North Korea

Park Sang Hak fled North Korea and now is president of the Seoul advocacy group, NK Gulag. He estimates that one out of every 100 North Koreans has seen South Korean television. He was among them.

He recalls watching a South Korean drama that was about the fight against the former military dictatorship in Seoul. He was shocked to see that people could openly criticize the government. He thought that if North Koreans did that, they would be killed.

But Park says even watching those television shows could get a person branded as an enemy of the state.

He says the National Security Agency is on the look out for people watching or listening to South Korean media. If they are caught, they will be labeled a political dissident and sent to a prison camp.

[Excerpt of an article by Jason Strother,Voice of America]

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