Wednesday, October 15, 2008

North Korean female spy sentenced to 5 years

North Korean woman spy, Won Jeong Hwa, who came to South Korea claiming to be a defector and allegedly used sex to secure military secrets was jailed for five years on Wednesday.

'Taking all the evidence into account, the accused is guilty on all charges,' Judge Shin Yong-Seok said.

The court in Suweon city, just south of Seoul, found Won had collected information on key military installations and passed it on to North Korean agents in China.

She was also found guilty of involvement in the kidnapping of a South Korean businessman from China to her hardline communist homeland in 1999, and of trying to trace the whereabouts of a top defector living in the South, Hwang Jang Yop.

North Korea has denied she was its agent, calling her 'human scum' and describing the trial as a 'threadbare charade' orchestrated to heighten tensions.

Her stepfather Kim, 63, went on trial on October 1 and will next appear on October 22.


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