Monday, January 02, 2006

Background: Underground Railroad Activists

Chun Ki-won - Underground Railroad Activist
Chun has continued to rebuild his Underground Railroad networks, and has recently opened a liaison office in Washington, D.C.

Moon Kook-han - Underground Railroad Activist
Moon has really felt the weight of loss over the MoFA Seven. He has since created a traveling exhibit that portrays and documents the human rights violations perpetrated by the North Korean government.

Tim Peters - Underground Railroad Activist
Tim continues to send food aid to North Korea, and conducts various Underground Railroad activities. He recently had an incident in Bangkok where he tried to bring a North Korean refugee to both the U.S. Embassy and UNHCR, and was turned away from both (and testified to this before a House subcommittee).

Suzanne Scholte - Vice-Chairman, North Korea Freedom Coalition
Suzanne has the energy and drive of a dozen people; she’s completely relentless. She was extremely instrumental in the passage of the North Korea Human Rights Act [2004], and continues to lobby on Capitol Hill on issues related to North Korea human rights and refugees.

Dr. Norbert Vollertsen - Underground Railroad Activist Norbert was ordered to leave South Korea by the South Korean government by June of 2005, but was allowed to return in November. In addition to pursuing his uniquely public activism for North Koreans, he spent much of 2005 flying around the world providing emergency medical relief in tsunami, earthquake and other disaster zones.

Source: PBS

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