Monday, January 23, 2006

Daily NK Interview with Tim Peters

The Daily NK met with Tim Peters, founder of Helping Hands Korea, to find out more about his organization’s activities in China.

Daily NK: What are your current activities in China?

Repatriated refugees, some of whom have defected [from North Korea] three or four times, are either executed, or tortured severely and sent to the gulags. Their pain is indescribable. Helping Hands Korea helps these people who are in hiding safely make their way to third countries, whatever country. As long as they find refuge, I have no bias on whether they end up in South Korea or another country.

I guess this is like a fireman rescuing people trapped in a fire. All I want is that the defectors can escape the fear of hunger, suffering, torture, and execution.

Another thing Helping Hands Korea does is send food to North Korean schools, kindergartens, and orphanages. We no longer send grains such as rice or corn but we send prepared foodstuff from China directly to the places in need [in North Korea].

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