Tuesday, January 24, 2006

China Cleaning Up the NK Defectors for the Beijing Olympics

Tim Peters says that now is the worst time ever for North Korean defectors in China.

Tim Peters is an American human rights activist who for the past 10 years has devoted himself to the improvement of conditions of North Korean refugees, and defector assistance. His activities mainly consist of assisting the North Korean refugees in China and sending food to children, orphans and pregnant women inside North Korea.

Tim Peters, one of a number of NGO activists for this cause, has been active in Korea and inside China as well. In 1998 Peters established a relief organization called Helping Hands Korea, which helps North Korean defectors in China.

“With the upcoming Beijing Olympics, the government of China considers the North Korean defector as 'target number 1 for clean up'”, Peters says. And as a result their control has intensified, making the situation even worse for the refugees.

[From article by Ah Kyoung Hee, The Daily NK]

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